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Hangzhou ToupTek Photonics Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded at the end of 2010,focuses on R&D of specialized imaging cameras. The company brings together top experts in the fields of optics,mechanics,electronics,and computer science,making significant contribution to imaging industry. ToupTek also serves as an ODM and OEM for various professional cameras for top global companies,achieving significant accomplishments in the camera industry as a witness,practitioner,and trailblazer.

As a leading global brand,ToupTek features its unique camera development platform,serving thousands of clients with diverse imaging and microscopy solutions. ToupTek astronomy products line has a wide range of specialized cameras and accessories, including deep-space and planetary cameras,along with tools like AstroStation and Filter Wheels.

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Product’s Characteristics

ToupTek Astronomy is passionate about innovation and constantly explores new possibilities and advances in astrophotography.

A Varity of Products

ToupTek Astronomy offers a range of high-quality cameras with high-performance sensors, providing customers with diverse options and fully accessible features.

High compatibility

ToupTek Astronomy prioritizes hardware compatibility with various astronomical brands and offers cross-platform software solutions,catering to diverse user needs.

High-Quality Service

ToupTek Astronomy offers excellent after-sales support,focusing on resolving individual customer issues to ensure stable and optimal camera performance.

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ToupTek Astronomy listens to the voice of astronomy enthusiasts,and is committed to creating more high-quality astronomical products.

DSO Cameras

DSO Cameras

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Planetary Cameras

Planetary Cameras

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Guiding Camera

Guiding Camera

Nice structure
G3M Series
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Astronomical Accessories

Astronomical Accessories

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Matched Software
Complete functions
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Our Vision

ToupTek Astronomyadheres to the idea of making imaging easier and bringing astrophotography to a wider community.


ToupTek Astronomy is committed to constantly innovate to meet diverse needs,offering cameras with various functions and sensors for capturing detailed,high-quality astronomical images.


ToupTek Astronomy aims to simplify astronomical photography,minimizing setup complexity, and even offer brand new solution to let users focus on exploring the universe.


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