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Fast Shipping: we will choose DHL,UPS,FedEx etc to deliver it. Usually you will get your package within 15-20 days. Fast Shipping(amount ≧ 199USD) for free Fast Shipping(amount < 199USD) : $30.00 (We do not provide free shipping from now on.)

二、after-sales service

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Please contact us for repairing or other services.

Domestic customers can follow ToupTek Astronomy’s official Wechat account.

Overseas customers can send emails to

三、Quality guarantee

  • 1.ToupTek provides 2-year free warranty service for the products purchased by the user from the company,and the warranty period starts from the day after the user receives the product; as for AstroStation astronomical box product,the warranty period will start from the activation date.
  • 2.If user encounters the following Dead on Arrival (DOA) situations and contacts ToupTek within the corresponding period to issue a product purchase invoice and relevant proof,ToupTek will provide on-site pickup services and,as appropriate,provide after-saless replacement (or partial replacement),repair or return (or partial return) services for the following products:
    • 1)Product quality problem: within 30 days from the date of receiving the product,the user finds that the product has quality problems and contacts ToupTek. After testing by ToupTek customer service center,ToupTek will provide free replacement service if the product itself has quality problems or defects;or
    • 2) Product transportation problems: After receiving the product,the user finds that the outer packaging of the product has obvious traces of soaking in water or serious backlog and deformation,and provides ToupTek with relevant product packaging pictures and receipt certificates within 3 days from the date of receipt of the product. If it is confirmed that the product is transported directly by ToupTek to the user or agent,ToupTek will provide the relevant return and exchange services; If the product is sold or shipped directly to the user by a ToupTek agent,the ToupTek Agent will be responsible for providing the relevant return and exchange services.
  • 3. Products in the following circumstances,belong to the scope of non-warranty services,ToupTek can provide users with repair services:
    • 1) Products are out of warranty;or
    • 2) The liquid gets into the product and causes it to be damp and corroded;or
    • 3) The product is damaged by external forces,resulting in problems such as surface scratches,camera shell deformation,USB port breakage and so on;or
    • 4) Disassembly,third party repair,retrofitting and refurbishing camera,as well as downloading the wrong firmware without ToupTek's explicit written authorization;or
    • 5) Product system is changed or warranty stickers are lost or changed;or
    • 6) Product quality problems caused by installation not in accordance with the requirements or instructions of product use;or
    • 7) Irresistible external force,such as flood,fire,earthquake,lightning and other strong vibration or extrusion factors cause physical damage and malfunction of the product;or
    • 8) Damage caused by improper operation during camera shooting or use;or
    • 9) With no valid product purchase invoice and warranty certificate;or
    • 10)The products purchased by the customer are second-hand products. The quality problem of the accessories or other parts of the product is not a condition for the return and exchange of the camera host,and the user can require the replacement of new accessories separately.